New accroma platform

Aug, 17 2020

New accroma platform gone live!

Our mission – simple but powerful!

  • Direct access to relevant information
  • Training that fits your schedule
  • Become part of the community and exchange experiences

Everything as easy as building a workflow – Dont believe it? Try our Workflow Editor simulation

The accroma platform simplifies access to information for users as well as interested parties.

Here is what you can find:


In the FAQ section you will find the answers to the most important questions that come up frequently. This covers the whole range from essentials like dimensions throught details like how to handle the pumps. This section will continuously be updated according to the questions we often answer in support tickets or in in other discussions.

Application Notes

Different fields of applications in the form of application notes to indicate the different possibilities on the accroma will be shown in this section. We are also happy to publish your applications – help others to learn more about the possibilities and show the community what you achieved.

Workflow Editor

Here you have the opportunity to experience the flexibility of the accroma 2.0 and learn more about the posibilities. With the Workflow Editor simulation you can gain first experiences and see how easy it is to «program» a sample preparation workflow.


In the download area you will always find the latest documentation, pictures, release notes and depending on the service level agreement also the latest software updates.


In the future there will also be a shop where consumables and spare parts can be bought.

Depending on region you are located, orders will be shiped through accroma labtec or your local distributor.


In the accroma community you have the opportunity to share your experiences, ask questions and share ideas. Exchange yourself with other users throughout the accroma community and see how other users approached their sample prep methodes on the accroma.