Application note: Automation of a Sample Preparation method for the analysis of Sodium benzoate in skin cream by RP-HPLC

Nov, 18 2021

There is a new application note!

With this application note we can show you the advantages of an automated sample preparation with the accroma® samplePrep system.

This short summary shows you which advantages have been achieved through automation.


A manual sample preparation workflow for the quantification of Sodium benzoate in skin cream was automated on an accroma® samplePrep system.

The goal was to reduce extraction and overall sample preparation hands on time while improving data quality

The reference standard and five samples of skin cream from the same containment were automatically prepared on the accroma system. The extraction was done by vertical shaking of accroTubes with 16mm steel balls as mixing aids. The measured Sodium benzoate contents of all five samples were within the manufacture’s tolerances of 0.184 – 0.216%. The relative standard deviation of the five measurements were calculated to 0.82%.

The overall hands-on time per sample could be reduced by 75% from 20 min to 5 min using the accroma system.