​Next Level Sample Preparation

finally making “sample in – answer out” possible

The new standard for automated sample preparation of solids for analysis


Eliminate human error and prepare samples with unreached repeatability.


Increase throughput and speed during 24/7, so UPLC / UHPLC technology makes sense.


Automate tedious, repetitive tasks and log them directly. Compliance becomes a side stage.

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  • How to provide samples
  • How to build a Workflow
  • How to get samples prepared
  • What are the key advantages

Provide a sample

To prepare a sample, place it in an accrotube and you can also add a steel ball.

Insert sample into sample preparation vessel accrotube for automated sample preparation with the accroma 2.0
Automated sample preparation system accroma 2.0

Set it up on accroma 2.0

The accrotube containing the sample can now be set up on the accroma 2.0 sample preparation system.

Build a Workflow

Building a workflow is as easy as just grab the methods and put them together by drag and drop.

Try it out on our platform: Workflow Editor Simulation

Let the accroma 2.0 do the work

The entire sample preparation is performed in the sample vessel accrotube.
The accrotube then becomes a part of the sample preparation system, leading to unique advantages.

  • High performance
  • No complex cleaning
  • Avoid cross contamination
  • Flexible switching between different samples
  • Safety


A sample preparation could for example look as follows:

Mill sample with automated sample preparation system accroma 2.0 Add solvent to sample with automated sample preparation system accroma 2.0 Extraction of sample with automated sample preparation system accroma 2.0
Dry mill you sample Add some solvent Extract

For applications in:

pharmaceutical industry




accuracy is key – speed also

Our goal is not only to revolutionize the way samples are prepared, but also to reduce complexity to a minimum. As easy as you can put together a workflow, as easy you should get the information and knowledge you need. For this purpose, we have created a platform that covers all needs from interested parties to users and even system administrators.

On our platform you will find

  • FAQ
  • Application Notes
  • Downloads
  • Shop
  • Community
  • Trainings

…and many more.

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