Deliver Measurement Results, We Take Care of the Rest.

Service That Supports You

We have a global network of service partners to support you in implementing and operating your accroma system(s). Our structures are optimized to reach quick reaction times and systematic problem solving. Our globally applied Q-net platform ensures standardized services of high quality.

01. Pre-Sale

Do you want to test the performance of the accroma system with your samples and methods? We offer sample measurements in one of our globally distributed demo centers or short-term rentals for evaluation purposes.

02. Warranty

Each system comes with a warranty of 12 months starting with its delivery date. Upon request, we offer warranty extensions of up to an additional 5 years.

03. Hotline / Remote-Service

Our remote services are free of charge and can solve the majority of the problems. A telephone hotline and a ticketing system are available, which can also be accessed directly through the software.

04. Installation

Our trained service engineers will install the system at the desired position. If the system should be
interfaced with an analytical instrument, we make sure your hardware and software integration is

05. Familiarization & Training

Even though the software and the system are very user friendly, we instruct you to prepare your samples right after installation. We show you how to create workflows and how existing methods can be transferred to your accroma system. Furthermore, we offer web-based online trainings for cost- and time effective self-teaching.

06. Qualification

Our service engineers follow standardized qualification protocols to make a system ready for GMP analysis.

– Installation Qualification (IQ)
– Operational Qualification (OQ)
– Performance Verification Test (PVT)

07. Maintenance

The accroma system can run robust around the clock. To ensure smooth operation, we recommend annual preventive maintenance.

08. Service Level Agreements

We offer attractive and flexible Service Level Agreements for hard- and software. Choose from various services you would like to have included:

– Preventive maintenance
– Software upgrades
– Repairs
– Requalification

Join the Future

Experts and laboratory specialists agree that the laboratory of the future is completely automated and digitized. However, this is easier said than done. Automating sample preparation of solid and semi-solid samples is challenging and was one of the missing pieces to make the Lab 4.0 possible. Other efforts are aimed at bringing the lab in a box directly to the process to enable real time release.

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