A user-friendly system for automated buffer preparation on a small footprint.

Introducing the accroma® bufferPrep System

Preparing buffers manually is time-consuming and prone to errors. Imagine an automatic machine that prepares the required buffers according to recipes and at the desired time. Sounds good? We have something for you!

One Innovation – Three Major Advantages

Small Footprint

The benchtop system comes with the size of a fridge, 55 x 55 cm /1.8 x 1.8 ft, which significantly reduces the lab footprint of buffer preparation.

Intuitive Software

The cloud based and intuitive software allows ordering buffers quickly by the users from any device. Inventory is managed and data is stored securely and traceable.


The connection of up to 26 chemicals allows automated preparation of a variety of buffers with customizable recipes.

Reduce expensive lab space by condense functionalities on a small footprint.

Time Saving & Increased Troughput

From chemicals to validated buffers, the bufferPrep system automates the entireprocess.

#1 Dosing

  • Initial Water Dosing
  • Solid(s) & Liquid(s) Dosing
  • Top-off Water Dosing

#2 Milling

  • Stirring
  • pH Adjustment if desired and required

#3 Validation

  • pH & temperature
  • Conductivity
  • Volume

#4 Bottling

  • with Vacuum filtration
  • without Vacuum filtration

#5 Collection

  • Email Notification

#6 Labelling

  • Printing Label when user collects order

#7 Cleaning

  • Autoclean & Validation by conductivity

Free-form recipes and predefined platform orders

Choose between highly customizable free-form recipes and predefined platform orders:

Order Buffers from any Web-enabled Device – Simple and Quick

The systems are controlled through a web browser accessible from any connected device to guarantee efficiency, ease of use, scalability, security and direct connectivity for the end users. Instruments can be interconnected across the same company so they can be used by different groups while all your data is stored at one place.

Step 1

Choose a recipe

Step 2

Define quantity and collection time

Step 3


Join the Future

Experts and laboratory specialists agree that the laboratory of the future is completely automated and digitized. However, this is easier said than done. Automating buffer preparation in a flexible way is challenging and was one of the missing pieces to make the Lab 4.0 possible. It is not only about automating data handling, it is important how the data is generated. Robots automating now value high impact work in laboratories are the best possible way to make sure your data matches the process for ideal traceability and reproducibility.

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