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Accurate and faster HPLC analysis through automated sample preparation.

accroma® – Automated Sample Preparation for HPLC

Tablets, powders, plant parts, soil, creams, pastes and much more are prepared in the simplest way, fast, reliable, traceable and during 24/7 for analysis, that is the speciality of the automated SamplePrep system accroma® from accroma labtec Ltd. The accroma® is extremely flexible and can theoretically work out its own workflow for each sample in spite of a one-off set-up.  This also makes it possible to use a device from different departments at the same time.

Interfaces to Waters and Agilent are available for direct further processing and analysis. A direct software integration into Empower is also available.

Absolutely easy to use.

Create your workflows within seconds by just adding the steps via drag and drop.

The possibilities on the accroma® robot


The balance is a central element of quality assurance and is also used for internal calibration and documentation.


Solvents are dosed directly and without opening or closing the extraction tubes. Automatic dilution to a desired concentration is also no problem.


Thanks to the ingenious technology, substances can be extracted quickly and gently with the extraction module.


On the accroma® robot, a wide variety of solids are comminuted in a short time and without any noticeable heat generation, and if necessary processed into the finest powder.


The accroma® robot can even pipette up to 50ml from different layers in the extraction chamber into another vessel.  Standard deviations of 0.02 at 10ml are no problem.


Depending on the sample, the liquid can be filtered directly into the HPLC vial.

Handling / Processing

The accroma® sample preparation system is able to extract samples from larger volumes and can guide extraction vessels with up to 300g through the corresponding workflow without any problems. This means that whole tablets can also be dissolved in up to 125ml of liquid, and correspondingly meaningful samples can be prepared. Nevertheless, the accroma™ is also able to transmit the small HPLC vials directly to a connected LC-unit.



From sample preparation directly into the analysis, this is also possible. On the hardware side, interfaces are available for the direct transfer of samples to LC instruments from Agilent and Waters. On the software side, a corresponding interface to Empower is available as standard, Chromeleon and OpenLab are available on request. Samples can be transferred fully automated and the analysis including data transfer can be started.


The automated sample preparation system accroma® finds its place in all analysis laboratories in the chemical, pharmaceutical, environmental and food industries and offers optimal support wherever speed, accuracy and reliability are required.

  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemistry
  • Environment
  • Food



More time for the essential tasks!

the accroma® sample prep system is a customized system for automatic sample preparation for chemical analysis. Software and hardware updates ensure that the system is constantly developed further.
The personal, very helpful and prompt service is highly appreciated by us.
The accroma™ meets all expectations for our purpose.
Stefan Ehmele

Group Leader Analytical Development and Product Chemistry, Syngenta Crop Protection AG

As part of an internal program to increase efficiency in our analytical laboratories for finished drugs, we have extensively tested the accroma® robot and used it for automatic sample preparation of tablets. The workflow included grinding the tablets, extracting the active ingredient, filtering the test solution and filling into HPLC vials. It has been shown that the instrument is extremely reproducible and allows a considerable time saving in the processing of analysis samples. During the test phase, accroma labtec Ltd. provided us with active, prompt and comprehensive support for questions or problems.
Beat Bucher

Head Analytical Development, Siegfried Ltd.

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