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About us

  1. 2012 RPD tool project: automated stability studies at AZ (UK)
  2. 2014 Founding of accroma labtec as a spin-off from RPD tool
  3. 2015 Launch accroma 1.0 serial product
  4. 2020 Launch accroma 2.0 serial product
  5. 2022 International establishment in multiple industries

Based in Muttenz close to Basel


Location: GETEC Industry parc



Mechanical Engineers
Software Engineers
Chemists & Chemical Engineers

Founded 2014


Industry Spin off company

accromas Mission & Vision

We are innovating and revolutionizing sample preparation for quality control.
We are pioneers for a fully automated and digitized Laboratory 4.0

We help our customers to:
– Obtain more reliable results
– Overcome bottlenecks in sample prep
– Improve productivity
– Comply with increasing regulatory requirements

The Origin of accromas Technology

Automated stability studies: Storage of products in different temperature- & humidity zones, followed by sample preparation & Analysis of degradation products.

Products (Oral Solid Dosages) stick to containment (glass vials, etc.), which leads to sample loss

Task: Automated sample preparation leading to accurate and reliable results (without sample loss, carry over)


We care about our planet and want to reduce environmental problems. We all can do our part, which ultimately will add up to a significant change to sustainability.

Our mission is to create circular economies for all our products and manage resources for our services efficiently and smart. We are constantly reviewing and optimizing our carbon footprint in life cycle assessments with the ultimate goal to achieve Net zero greenhouse gas emissions.


accroma is supplied by local suppliers prior final production and testing of the products in Switzerland. When selecting suppliers, we consider working conditions, the origin of raw materials and the sustainability of manufacturing.

We set the highest standards for the quality of system components and design the accroma system for backwards compatibility so that modules can also be retrofitted. Furthermore, it paves the way for our system refurbishment program, which leads to an extension of the product life cycle and thus to less disposal.


Reusable containments like glass for example are per se not more sustainable than disposables. Cleaning requires solvents/water, detergents and energy that needs to be considered. Furthermore, manual sample preparation often requires disposable pipettes and personal protection items.

To ensure scientific accuracy and reproducibility, accroma requires material of highest quality and inertness. Sustainability is important to us for which reason we use recyclable materials like polyethylene and iron. Both materials are 100% recyclable and can be reused as secondary raw materials. However, we need your help to separate content, tubes and steel balls if reopening the tubes is reasonable in terms of toxicity. We recommend the following material and energy recycling strategy:


Our service providers are selected based on response times and distances to our users. Furthermore, our pre-sales and remote services (hotline & software remote access) are designed to avoid unnecessary travelling and reduce our carbon footprint.


accroma labtec Ltd. respects applicable law, including international laws, and requires all of its employees and business partners to do the same.

The following are some of the key points that are of particular importance:

Employee relations and rules
Information management
Supplier, dealer and service relationships
Competitor relationships and competition
Participation in events
Customer gifts

Join the Future

Experts and laboratory specialists agree that the laboratory of the future is completely automated and digitized. However, this is easier said than done. Automating sample preparation of solid and semi-solid samples is challenging and was one of the missing pieces to make the Lab 4.0 possible. Other efforts are aimed at bringing the lab in a box directly to the process to enable real time release.

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