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Jan, 5 2021

Archer Science, the new Distributor for North America

accroma is happy to announce that Archer Science is the new distributor and representative for North America, effective January 1, 2021. A demo lab is available at their facility with accroma Sample Prep 2.0 with LCMS setup. Spare parts and consumables will be available for purchase and stocked at their facility. Service and support will also be available to customer as needed.
Archer Science is a well-known distributor for PAL Systems and has been in the laboratory automation and sample preparation market for 20 years.

Interview with Tom Flug

Hi Tom, can you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit about your background?

I started my career out of the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire with a background in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. My first job was in a R&D Diagnostic lab and soon found myself programming robots to run the reagents. This turned into an automation specialist role and was the starting path to having my own company covering North America for the past 20 years, providing sales and support for the PAL System and accroma Sample Prep 2.0. We specialize in sample prep for LCMS and GCMS.

There are many different Lab-Suppliers out there, can you tell us a bit more what Archer Science is focusing on?

Archer Science sells and supports sample prep for LCMS and custom sample clean up solutions, centered on the CTC PAL autosampler and accroma sample prep 2.0.

So you have been with automation for a while. Where do you think is still the most potential for automation in the lab?

The sample clean-up, preparation of standards, and internal standard addition are some of the bottle necks in most labs. If any automation is available, is not very flexible or is incomplete. Total clean up, from raw sample to injection is the ultimate goals to improve results and reduce sample preparation time.

In your opinion, what is the most important aspect when you think about automation in the laboratory?

To offer a workflow that automates all or at least the pain points the user has in the process. Sometimes the key may be having a flexible automated system that allows the user to do development work but also lock in a defined process for high throughput.

What do you think the analytical laboratory of the future will look like?

Labs need to run more independently, which includes automating the process as well as the detection. Many labs focus on the latest technology or better sensitivity, but in many cases, the bottle neck becomes getting raw samples to the detector.

There are already various automation solutions for laboratories, most of them for liquid handling. Why do you think it took so long until there was a reliable solution for solids as well?

Liquid handling system have been around awhile, they can be great to automate liquid handling steps, but when you need other steps as well, you do not have a complete solution. You’re just moving the sample from process to process. When you look at the accroma sample prep 2.0, you can handle many sample types from tablets to gels to liquids. This robot automates each step and allows a user the flexibility to use what steps are needed for the product to be tested.

What made you decide to take over the distribution of accroma for the USA?

I have been working with all the major Mass Spectrometer manufactures for over 10+years offering them the PAL System to adding capabilities. The accroma sample prep 2.0 offers complete, flexible automation and can be used with many autosamplers, including the PAL System, to have tablet to LCMS injection as a complete automation solution.

Tom Flug is the Managing Director of Archer Science LLC

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Archer Science LLC
12435 55th Street North, Suite B
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Tel. +01 651-275-1348

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