accromate your sample prep

Apr, 20 2021

Multipurpose laboratories require multipurpose automation solutions

Talking about lab automation, people often think of large sample quantities, which are prepared in the exact same way. Indeed, current automation products require a change of the system setup or cleaning procedures when shifting from one to another sample type. This makes automation inflexible and difficult to justify for laboratories with a variety of sample types.
If the manual hands-on time for setting up the automation system is higher than preparing the samples manually, the benefits of automation become weak and the cost per sample to high. However, beside cost reduction, other reasons may drive sample prep automation such as the reduction of variability, better traceability, or safety for the operator. As a summary, flexibility in terms of automation means:

  • Ability to handle different samples/workflows without a change in the system setup or cleaning procedures
  • Automating sample preparation from low (single sample) to high sample volumes
  • Saving hands-on time not only for large amounts of samples but also for a single sample

Multipurpose laboratories require flexible automation without sacrificing efficiency. The accroma SamplePrep system meets the above-mentioned requirements. Its key technology is the accroTube in which all the sample preparation steps take place. In contrast to other technologies, the sample vessel is a consumable. This gives the accroma SamplePrep system its flexibility and accuracy while making sample preparation traceable and safe. It is time to rethink sample preparation and accromate it!