Solvent Selection Extension

Aug, 15 2022

Attach up to 8 Solvent Bottles with the New Solvent Selection Valve

The accroma system can now be equipped with a solvent selection valve to expand the number of connectable solvent bottles. The option located in the liquid module hosts an 8-port switching valve and automatically selects the solvent line according to the method. Frequent solvent bottle changes are now a thing of the past, further increasing the flexibility of the system and the productivity of your laboratory. Analytical method development labs benefit from automated diluent screening possibilities. Routine testing labs can load up to 64 different samples and let the accroma system prepare each with its individual sample preparation method and diluent.

The liquid module of the accroma system has two pumps and two needles. While pump 1 and needle 1 of the system are dedicated for pipetting and filtration functions, pump 2 and needle 2 are used for dispensing. To ensure pure solvents are dispensed, the valve, pump and needle are flushed with an adjustable volume during switching procedures.

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