Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications of the accroma® sample preparation system

Flexible, automated sample preparation for up to 124 samples, intuitive software, incomparably low risk of cross-contamination.

Extraction Module

Grinding, shaking, breaking up, releasing the extraction module is one of the reasons why the accroma® system is so efficient.

Liquid Modul

Dispensing, pipetting, filtering are the core functions of the liquid module.


Weighing and checking, the balance is a central element of quality assurance

Filter Dispenser

Automatic deployment of syringe filters optimal for frequent use of workflows with filtration.

Sample Rack

Space for a maximum of 124 extraction tubes, in addition special filters or additives can be added.


Use your existing LC-devices directly, including the validated methods.
  • Dimensions: 1450 x 1200 x 2000mm
  • Weight: approx. 400kg
  • Media: 230V
Sample Capacity

Maximum capacity: 124 Extraction Tubes

  • Storage for max.  64 HPLC vials
Liquid Handling

Maximum 2 channels

  • Dispensing from 10µl to 500ml
  • Pipetting from 20µl to 50ml
  • All sample preparation steps comply with CFR21 part 11.
  • full audit trail on every sample / step
Hardware interfaces to HPLC and UPLC from the following manufacturers are available:

  • waters
  • agilent
  • others on request

Software integration in Empower is available as standard, integration in Chromeleon and OpenLab is possible


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