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Automated Sample Preparation Subscription**

Do you want to benefit from automated sample preparation but don’t want to overcome all the hurdles of instrument procurement? We have an incredible offer for you!

Enter your desired duration and the approximate number of samples per month and you will know what a ready prepared sample costs.

This is what you get in one subscription without any additional costs!

accroma 2.0

with modules you need to automate your sample preparation workflow.


Tell us where you want to use the system and we ship and install it there.


IQ / OQ / PVT – We qualify the system for you to make sure you are all set.

Maintenance & SLA

Preventive maintenance, software updates, and full warranty – We make sure that the system always works fine.


Hotline and Helpdesk always included – just create a ticket and we are here to help.


Your personal stock of consumables always ready to use – no additional budget needed

**only available in specific regions

Your subscription to

  • standardize workflows
  • improve traceability
  • gain efficiency

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