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Become an expert for sample preparation with the accroma 2.0 and our online learning platform.

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Basic Training

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In short video sequences you are accompanied through the training.
You will first learn the basics of the device as shown in this video.

  • What components does the accroma® 2.0 consist of?
  • How can a workflow for sample preparation be created?

Preparation for operation

The training is intuitively structured and starts with the basics, followed by the preparations up to the evaluation of a sample log.

The video on the left shows how the accroma is initialized, what happens when consumables are missing and how we can follow the progress of a sample preparation.

Training structure

The training is divided into two stages, which build on each other.
The basic training forms the basis for easy use.
The Expert Training goes into even more detail to gain the necessary knowledge for the advanced user levels.


Every user who successfully completes the training receives a certificate.

If you have any further questions, please contact us using the chat function, which you can find on the bottom right hand side of the page, or send us an email to

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